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This site is here to provide information , links and give you an idea of the products we offer (we do not sell our products through this site).

You will see words like the one above shown in three ways: in English, Western Cherokee{WC} and/or Eastern Cherokee{EC} pronounciation. Eastern and Weastern Cherokee vary in their pronounciation of some words or sylliables within words but use the same syllabary letter for the sylliable. I will be making a page for words in Cherokee soon with all the necessary information needed. If you see {WC} or {EC}, this will indicate which version is used. When neither is present then the word is the same in both.

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Since this site is continually growing, please visit often to see the new items added.

We have updated our site for you by reorganizing the links and removing the ones that are no longer functional. We have placed them on pages of related topics for easier location. Some links may be on more than one page in the future since some sites cover several topics.  ( Not all opinions provided through outside sources,links,etc are supported by our family. We provide these for you to make your own decisions.)   Spiritwalker

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