The beading side of our                                         Grannie Red Cloud Woman and friends at our booth.
  booth at the 2nd Annual Circle of Friends             The pictures in the foreground are by the young lady
  Intertribal Powwow.... April 13-15, 2001                 mentioned below. The booth next to ours belongs to
                                                                                   our good friends Dan (Smokey)and Celeste (Running
                                                                                   Bear) Winings from West Virginia. Dan harvests honey  
                                                                                   made by his bees which collect nectar from TulipPoplars.
                                                                                   We can never get enough of it.


This year we started taking on consignments like             Another artist we are featuring is Ebony Jones.
this artwork  by Amanda Robison . She is a young           She did these stained glass feathers and will have
upcoming artist from Depew, Oklahoma. She will           other items for us to displayat a later date.  We will
have a website soon which we will  provide a link          also have a link to her website at a laterdate. Ebony
to as soon as we have it.                                                   did a full size piece of Will Rogers and his plane
                                                                                            which is on display at the Will Rogers Airport and a
                                                                                            bust image at the Will Rogers Museum both in
                                                                                            Oklahoma. Unfortunately,  Ebony was unable to
                                                                                            provide us with more items at the time due to her
                                                                                            working on another stained glass job.


Family ( son - Fire Keeper and daughter - Sweet              The booth at the Creek Nation Festival & Rodeo at
Butterfly on back row left hand side) and friends in          Okmulgee in June 2000.
native clothing at Fort Smith's 'Olde Fort Days
Rodeo' in June of 2000.


Our booth just before the start of IICOT at the                Our booth at Ciricle of Friends Powwow outside of
 Expo Building,  Tulsa Fair Grounds August 2000.          Marianna, Arkansas April 2001. Pictured are
                                                                                         Spiritwalker(center), to left  side of picture are friends
                                                                                         and his grandson Screaming Rabbit, and to the right
                                                                                         side of the picture is another vendor and customer.


Spirit Hawk and Spiritwalker, lifemates                     Spiritwalker on the day he was inducted into the Phi
for over 20 years during this walk on our                   Thetta Kappa honors  society at Tulsa Community
Earth Mother. Grandfather Creator has                      College. His field of study is electrical / electronics
blessed them with each other, their                           engineering technologies.
children, grandchildren, and many
family / friends.


Spiritwalker with grandson,       Spiritwalker with grandson,                     Spiritwalker with grandson,
            Raindancer                                   Shy Turtle                                                 Screaming Rabbit

                               These boys are the sons of Fighting Badger and Curious Fox.

Here is our newest addition: Sparrow's Song
She is the daughter of Lone Beaver and Sparrow.

   Spiritwalker and                        Spirit Hawk holding                 Sparrow with her Song
   Sparrow's Song                         her granddaughter

    This Beaver is proud of                          Sweet Butterfly ready
    his girl                                                         to spoil her niece

Sparrow's song at 7.5 mos.

Spiritwalker getting tattoed to honor ancestors.

Artist Shane working on     Frontal view of head tattoo
SW's left side

Leftside view                  Rightside veiw


Turtle Sheild with Turtle     The Four Directions
Island on the turtle's        with a broken feather
shell on left shoulder        to remember the broken
                              the broken promises on
                              right forearm

       And don't forget to visit Spirit Hawk's Nest.