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Words of Wisdom (index)
This page contains links to help educators, parents, and students find information related to Native Americans. Some links have observational statements, items from magazines and/or journals, and other sources  (AMERICAN INDIAN RADIO ON SATELLITE)
American Indian Coalition and Resource Center of Indiana
The American Indian Graduate Center
The American Indian Higher Education Consortium (AIHEC)
Are You Teaching the Real Story of Thanksgiving
Association on American Indian Affairs -  scholarships program
Attention Native Educators
Bibliography: Native American Land and Water Rights
BioGems: Saving Endangered Wild Places  (A project of the Natural Resources Defense Council)
Canku Ota, an educational website about Native people and schools for all teachers
Center for Educational Technology in Indian America
Cherokee Online - Cherokee Resource and Community
Chiricahua and Mescalero Apache Texts
Circle of Life (Gives nice insight into what we believe)
Community Guide to Multicultural Education Programs
The Crucible of American Indian Identity
Dakota Links -
Deer With Horns
Defenders of Wildlife
Education Planet History - Native American Peoples Page
Effigy Mound Analytic Essay via Amanda's Awesome Adventures in Education website
Eighth Grade Native American Report Research Links
"Every time one of our elders dies, it's like a library burning down."
~ Evening Falls ~
Exploing Native Americans Across the Curriculum
First Nations Peoples
First American Education Project, a group of Native Educators reaching out ot the general public
The Flags of the Native Peoples of the United States
Forgotten Founders, by Bruce Johansen. A doctorial thesis on the involvement of the Iroquois in the formation of democracy in America
Georgia Native American sites
History of the Native American - Paleo Period
History of Native American Heritage Month from Canku Ota
Indegenous Enviromental NetworkInstitute of Indigenous Government
James S. Huggin's Refrigerator Door -- Cherokee Language
Journal of American Indian Education
Kappler's Indian Affairs: Laws and Treaties
Lakota Archives: Native American Culture Areas
Links - Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma
Links to North American Indian History Sites by Phil Konstantin
Maps of Native American Nations, History, Information
Massacre At Wounded Knee, 1890
National Indian Law Library
National Museum of the American Indian
Native Links - - A Good List of Misc. Links
*Native American*
Native Americans...Research/Informational Sites
Native American AnthologyNative American Authors - Teacher Resources
Native American Archaeology & Anthropology Resources on the Internet -- Index of
Native American Architecture
Native American Culture and American Society
Native American Education Ring
Native American Educational Philosophy
Native American History and Culture
The Native American History Archive
Native American Indian Village - RULH Elementary School  - Ohio - Teaching Aid
Native American Tour by FLAUSA
Native Americans and the Land, Nature Transformed, Teacher Serve, National Humanities Center
Native Americans in North Georgia
Native American Mississippians: Death and Burials(pdf file)
Native American Organization (Southwestern Oklahoma State University)
Native American Resource for Kids and Teachers
Native Nashville
Native Village History and Traditions Library
North American Indians
North American Prehistory by Minnesota State University, Mankato
Oldest Remnants of Native American Culture Found in Louisiana  (Article)
On This Date in North American Indian History by Phil Konstantin
Oyate is a website that promotes the use of writings of Native People when teaching about Native Peoples
Oyate Ta Olowan - The songs of the people
Pinson Mounds State Archaeological Park
Policies for Preservation of Native American Mounds...Archaeology of East St. Louis
Pre-contact Housing Types: Native American
Riddles of the Anasazi
Rose's Native Stuff (Homepage) Alot of good information.
Sequoyah's Talking Leaves
Seven Fires Council
Society of the Wolf
Southeastern Indian Sites, Parks and Museums
Surveying Tribal Members About the Echota Cherokee Language --   American Themes - Native Peoples
Teaching About Thanksgiving, a true Native perspective with curriculum
Teaching Indigenous Languages ( Northern Arizona University )
Teaching Young Children About Native Americans
The Topic: Native Americans
Transformations in Mississippian Native American Culture  by Jabe Fincher
Tribal home of the Gabrieleno/Tongva of San Gabriel
Useful Links from Northern Kentucky University
WWW Virtual Library - American Indians
West Virginia Archives and History -  Early Native American Cultures (1000 BCE-1600 CE)
Whispering Eagles Homepage
Wild Apache
Wisdom Keepers, Inc.
Wolf Spirits
Wordcraft Circle of Native Writers and Storytellers HOME