Page of Appreciation

This page is to acknowledge all my brothers, sisters, friends, and other relations that have provided information, found and/or inspired the next several pages. If not for these people, this would have been another boring website. Instead this site is a constantly growing site of information for learning and sharing. May Grandfather Great Spirit bless each one of you and Earth Mother provide you with all your needs. May our ancestors guide your footsteps so you won't faulter in your journey and your hearts so to help others as you have helped me.
Here are just a few names of those I would like to thank. More names will follow as I find the time to work on this site.
Sweet Little Otter, Running Bear,
Whispering Wind, Granny Red Crow,
Running Mouse, Watches Eagles,
Spirit Hawk (my life mate), Runs with Wolves,
Silver Haired Beaver, Smokey and Mama (Bear),  
He Who Watches the Fire, Sweet Butterfly,
Grannie Red Cloud Woman, Barking Squirrel,
 Meadowlark, Four Deer, Shy Turtle,
 Screaming Rabbit, Silent Owl, Raindancer
Howling Wolf, Lone Beaver,
Wolves in the Wind, Grandmother Newwolf,
 Night Bird, Fighting Badger, Curious Fox,
Playful Ferret, Running Coyote, Lone Deer,
Gentle Bear, Watching Cougar,
Whispering Willow, Sky Blossom,
 Night Hawk, Playful Chipmunk,
 Whipperwill, Timid Elk,
Roaming Buffalo, Playful Ferret,
Leaping Bobcat, Feather Dancing in the Wind,
Moonlight Dancing, Raccoon Fishing,
 Two Rams Butting Heads, Eagle Mother, Wisdom From Sky,
Sara Hayes
Not all the names mentioned above provided information, but they provided the inspiration for the need for this site to grow. Children and grandchildren are worth the effort to provide a place to find information about their heritage, lest it be forgotten.

Amanda is one of our "adopted" children who also "adopted" us as as her second set of parents/family. She does fantastic work which includes Native American themes though you may not find any of them at her site at this present time.