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* Contact Governor Schweitzer About Migration Road Signs
Please contact Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer and ask him why the migration warning signs were removed and why the speed limit was increased. Millions visit Yellowstone via this corridor each year, and someone you know might be in danger. Tell him that the timing of this action is detrimental to the lives of tourists, locals and commercial vehicles. Even if they want to ignore the buffalo, they should take care not to ignore the people who use that stretch of highway. Urge Schweitzer's office to work with the Department of Transportation and make the highways - specifically highway. 191 - permanently safer. Urge him to immediately replace the warning signs and reduce the speed limit once again.
Govern Brian Schweitzer

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* You Choose! Your Decisions Affect the Fate of the Wild Buffalo
The cattle industry is one of the most powerful in America, a country that prides itself on economics and is willing to do anything to maintain the Empire's economic stability. The greedy search for the all-mighty dollar manifests itself in the destruction of our Mother Earth. The 19th Century buffalo slaughter was in part undertaken to clear the land for fattening cattle. How and where we choose to spend our dollars can make or break this chain of destruction. The Buffalo Field Campaign strongly advocates a Boycott of beef products, because buffalo are refused access to their native habitat, harassed and slaughtered so the cattle industry may thrive. In truth, the cattle industry locks up our public lands, destroys watersheds, wages war on wildlife, ruins sensitive landscapes, and sells a dangerous product.

BFC board member Scott Frazier asks that we consider the wild buffalo, honor the sacred and choose responsibly. He eloquently asks that we respect the lives of the sacred buffalo by refraining from choosing Montana beef.
In his own words:
For more information about BFC's Boycott of the Beef/Cattle industry visit:

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* Work in Yellowstone this Summer -- BFC has Openings starting June 1
Every summer, BFC volunteers spend days in Yellowstone, sharing buffalo stories, news, and information with thousands of park visitors. Many of these visitors have no idea of the fate befalling the buffalo every winter and spring.
Join us in one of the continents most beautiful spots and help stop the slaughter of the Yellowstone buffalo. Summer volunteers receive room, board, and a small stipend. For more information, write to:

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Recycle Printer Cartridges & Cell Phones for the Buffalo

Each year over 400 MILLION printer cartridges and
100 MILLION cell phones are thrown into the trash.

All you have to do is go to hit the
"collect for a cause" button and look at the options
under BFC to collect cartridges in support of our work.
Download a flyer to get folks involved in recycling cartidges for the Yellowstone Buffalo.
You need Acrobat Reader to download.

All envelopes and boxes are easy to get to folks that
use computers and they offer prepaid shipping.

The landfills receive less plastic and BFC benefits -
a win-win situation!

A big thanks to all of you for all your work & efforts.
It is my honor to work with such dedicated grassroots folks.
Together we will make a change.
For the Buffalo, Su

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