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Spirit Hawk and I have been doing genealogy for a combined total of over 40 plus years. She has been doing it since at least 1979. I have been doing since 1980. We have had to work around supposed dead ends with the help of extended family and friends through out the years. We have had problems tracing our linages because some of our family members were not forthcoming with their family's history because they were ashamed of one or more ancestor, their nationality, or something done by family members against the law or another person or people.

Genealogy takes time and involves quite a bit of research even with the internet. The problem that is the biggest headache is the many different ways a name can be spelled. You run into this especially with censuses and rolls. Another headache is not knowing maiden names or original names (most of the time you'll only have nicknames or the family won't give the names of the birth parents of a child they have adopted). But in the end it is all worth it if you really want to know the truth. Spirit Hawk's and my families have interesting histories and stories. We are either related to famous people or those with notorius backrounds (sometimes both).

Hopefully thses few paragraphes have not frightened anyone from searching their family's past. For us it is worth it because we now have interesting stories to past down to our children and grandchildren.