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This page has links to places that speak on native knowledge of the stars/universe and some beliefs that follow them. (These links may be offensive to some people and out on the limb to others. One reason these links are here is that there is oral history from many nations in which events amongst the stars and visitors coming from above are mentioned.)
{The background on this page is a picture of a double rainbow, taken by Spiritwalker.  Taken in Arkansas, March 2004}

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Aboriginal Star Knowledge
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Starlore of Native America
Turquoise Mountain Protocol

Turtle Woman's Auto Writing

(Note: This was an inescapable impulse from the Source to sit down and
write.  The surprise was in noting the time in combination with the date.
There are no ca-winky dinkies).

Saturday, 4:04 PM
April (4) 24, 2004

Vigilance.  Do not be lured.  Lots of luring going on right now.  The dark ones are crafty.  Many have been cloaked in lower light, trying to pass themselves off as Lightworkers.  Many are being exposed now for what they are.  If it does not feel right, then it is not right.

As the Mother leaves to rise to her Higher Self, you may or may not go with her.  Don't ask to go to any specific planet or place other than home...your true home.  What is being presented by some as the "ascended" Mother Earth may not be.  Always check for Truth, without any deception or interference.  Your memory of home has most likely been blocked, so asking to go to a specific planet may not be in your Highest Good, especially if you do not have first hand knowledge of that place.  Ask to go home, to your true home, and when you ask in such a manner, you will go to your perfect place.  You will go home.  As a Simon and Garfunkle song lyric says "home is where I wanna be.  I've been gone so long.  I've been slandered, libeled, I've heard words I never heard in the Bible".  Home is where you "wanna" be.
Be Dorothy...  "There's no place like home.  There's no place like home". And yes, you can bring ToTo with you.

Part of your trip home may include a stop off on the ascending Mother Earth, but it also may not.  There is an infinity of parallel earths in all dimensions.  Many are not so nice and may not be where you want to be.  Be careful what you ask for.  That's the trick of the dark side... to give you what you ask for in a way you didn't specify and didn't want.  So be specific, and always ask to go home, to your true home, for home is where you "wanna" be.  That way, the path laid out to you on your journey home will always be the right one.  That way you won't be tricked, you won't be lured somewhere else that does not meet your heart's desire.  Let that be your mantra - home, true home, is where I "wanna" be.  And so it shall be.

Shape up.  The last four months have been very difficult for many.  So many are struggling more and more.  So many are falling with the struggle.  Don't struggle.  Face West - release the struggle and your problems to the Highest Good, according to Free Will, with speed, joy, ease, and love.  Then turn 180 degrees to the right, facing East, and receive all your blessings and best dreams for your Highest Good, according to Free Will, with speed, joy,
ease, and love.

Many are wallowing in the shock that things are not turning out as they were "told" they would.  Wasn't it just a few years back we all thought peace and ascension were so close, and dare we say, easy?  Then boom and shock, and then more booms and shocks.  Now there's booming and shocking all around. World War III is knocking at the door in a world gone mad outside of your own little haven.  Many are moaning "how did we get from there to here with all the good work we've been doing"... and at warp speed?  The answer is simple:  This has always been part of the plan...  cleansing.  Cleansing has always been written in the script.  The deceivers have simply tried to convince you otherwise... and many willingly wanted to believe them; wanted to believe that this would be "easy".  Who wouldn't want it to be easy?  But that has never been part of the script.  And the deceivers are achieving what they intended... disillusionment of the Lightworkers.  And what better
way to generate fear than to mislead people to believe it will be easy, all lovey dovey like it is in higher dimensions and then hit them with the 3 D reality of greed, war, abuse of power, deceit, death, and destruction?  It is the part of the script that has always been written by those of dark intent.  They are co-creators too and their input has just as much weight in the writing of the script.  So while Lightworkers were writing loving, beautiful life affirming scripts, those of dark intent were putting in the opposite and then said don't pay attention to what we wrote.  Cleaver little dark ones.  Put it in the script and then jumped on the bandwagon of "it's all going to be easy".

So what was the purpose of this widely touted misleading information?  In denial, the ostrich with it's head stuck in the sand is always more
surprised and thus more vulnerable when the lion sneaks up and bites it's rear than the one that has been standing with it's head up and looking at the coming danger.  It is the sudden onset of shock and surprise that generates fear in those who have hidden their heads in the sand and have not prepared or steeled themselves with what has always been promised by the Masters... that the cleansing was not going to be pleasant.

So who told you it was going to be easy?  What are their credentials?  Some new age woo-wooer?  A deceiver of dark intent?  Where did you acquire this dogma?  It was not from the Masters.  It was not from the wise old ancient prophets.  Did you think the Masters and wise old ancient prophets were lying when they spoke of the destruction in the end times?  Are all the ancients wrong?  Just who started this misinformation that it was going to be easy... that is was all going to be all beautiful love and Light going through these times?  Wishful thinking, but not in Truth.

As a result, many of those who have swallowed the deceptions are now
crumbling from their denial of the Truth of this mission and in
disillusionment with what's transpiring.  Some have been increasingly
emotionally out of balance since 9-11 with the ever gearing up of more
dastardly deeds.  As a result, these Lightworkers have fallen into
darkness.... a great victory for the dark ones... and just what they
intended.  Through wishful thinking and hopeful desire, many Lightworkers were lured into deception that this was going to be a love and light picnic. They now feel betrayed, seeing now that this is not going to be easy and is going to be a difficult road.  They have become stuck in wallowing in spiritual self pity, demanding they want out.  They are now a prime food source of negative wailing energy that the dark ones feed from.  If Mother Earth's  transition was going to be easy, none of the Lightworkers would have been needed in the first place.  And yes, the ultimate out come WILL be Love and Light and a wonderful, better place to be, but there's some difficult deep wadding through hip high doo-doo on the way.

Keep in mind who you really are.  Know that many higher beings volunteered for this Lightwork.  Only the best and the strongest were selected by Creation to do this work.  You were picked and picked for a reason... your spiritual strength was part of it.  And only the strong will be able to complete this work without falling into the traps laid by those of dark energies.  The strength and power of who you are was needed, because you willingly and lovingly volunteered for a very difficult and nasty job.
Bless you.

In Truth, the cleansing, the antiseptic phrasing for saying a lot of death and destruction, is in it's beginnings.  There's a lot more to come.  This is not to generate fear....  this is plain speaking so that you will be braced and ready for it, so that more Lightworkers will not be lost in disillusionment.  So you can continue with your eyes open  and not be fooled by the "it's all going to be wonderful"deception planted by the dark ones.

This does not mean your work has been for not or is fruitless.  Oh,
contraire.... it means simply that the Lightworkers Free Will is not the only Free Will in motion....  something the "woo-wooers" always leave out. Dark beings can manifest just as much as you can.  Those of dark intent are manifesting in this ascension time too. Do know that you have already lessened events and changed what is to come for the better?  You have already kept this planet from previously being totally destroyed.  You have given time for others to awaken, and you're biggest work is yet to come.... for out of the darkness comes the Light.  You will truly be birthing as new kind of Being... one who is a physical Light Being.  You will truly be creating wonderful worlds of peace, love and Light.  All of Creation is watching and waiting with baited breath.

But if you wrap yourself in the lovely denial that there will not be
darkness before the coming of the Light, then you will crumple, like some already have, in the shock of what is on the horizon.  Shock is an excellent tool of the dark ones for it creates and generates fear, anger, despair.  It is the nano-second moment of experiencing fear that allows the dark ones to step in and conquer you.  Literally.  Fear is the only true weapon they have.  So if you are not prepared to face the coming storm and swallow what the deceivers have touted, then you are a prime candidate for literally being lost to the Light for eons upon eons.

So, WAKE UP!  NOW!  Stop struggling with despair and the issues that you didn't think it would get ugly... and buck up!  It's going to get a lot uglier.  Fact of this world.  Get over it.  You KNEW this coming in, but in the beauty of who you are, you wanted the ascension to be on a higher caliber.  That is a credit to who you are.  But it is not the Truth of what the original beings of this world wrote for this world... and most of you are not originally of this world, you are star beings of other worlds, and this is not home.  The original beings of this world think differently than you.  And many of them, as incredulous as it seems, choose the dark over the Light, and choose not to wake up.  Stop weeping and mourning over it.  Your compassion is well placed, but not to the point of adding to the existing overload of negative energy and lessening your effectiveness.

Valuable Lightworkers have already been compromised by and lost to the dark side.  The dark ones giggle with glee over those who have already fallen by the way side.  Many are lost in darkness and self imposed emotional wailing and helplessness because they are now separated from the Light.  As a true Lightworker, the dark ones value the conquering of your soul more than anything else, for you are the only thing between them and their dark conquest.  Know that you are their prized target..  they want you.... badly.
Don't let them have you.

You are among the most powerful Light beings of Creation.  Your implanting the Golden Light and your meditation ARE what raises the vibrations... for yourself, by your Self, and for everyone/everything else.  It is that simple... and no, like it or not, this acesnsion it's not going to be pretty... but the results of all this will be.   Face that, accept that, and
Know that you have made it better than it was going to be and your continued work will make it better in the long run.  This work has been a long haul, more than just this lifetime,  and the time is fast approaching critical mass.

Your work is going to bring ascension out of this mess... but only for those who want it.  The Mother wants it, regardless of what her sleeping children of darkness and destruction want.  Some will awaken... but there simply are those who do not want to.  Period.  It IS their Free Will and their choice. Say your goodbyes to them now with your blessings, your love, and your
Light.  Home is beyond this.  Take comfort in Knowing that it is Universal Law that what you are attached to in the heart will automatically be helped and pulled up higher, asleep or not, because of your love.

Just remember, as we work and prepare to go home, that it is darkest before the dawn. Knowing this will keep you from crumbling in despair as the harder things present themselves.  Those of dark intent are working just as hard on their agenda as you are.  Batten down the hatches, for the ride is going to
become even more exciting.  Just don't let those adrenaline rushes create fear.  There is nothing to fear, and keeping your balance in the worst of this mad turmoil is of vital importance.  You have been selected to be here because your Self is a powerful being full of strength, goodness, and Light. You are eternal.  You are the Masters of Golden Light... and soon you will
be on your way home.

In the movie Jaws, when they are on the boat in the dark of the night, in the vast ocean, with no help in sight except each other, with menacing danger lurking right outside, what do they do?  They laugh and share stories and show the scars they bear from their journeys... and they sing... "Show me the way to go home.... "

The messages of hope, strength and the promises that we will succeed and will go home have been pouring in to us in everyway since we first arrived here.  Some of the best channeled messages came early on in books, movies, songs.  Like that scene in Jaws, we only need to pay attention to all the messages that are now, and have been, flooding in.  Messages that have been
sent to us from home...

"When you're weary.
Feeling small.
When tears are in your eyes
I will dry them all.
I'm on your side
Oh, when times get rough
And friends just can't be found.
Like a bridge over troubled water,
I will lay me down.
Like a bridge over troubled water,
I will lay me down.

When you're down and out.
When you're on the street.
When evening falls so hard
I will comfort you.
I'll take your part,
Oh, when darkness comes
And pain is all around.
Like a bridge over troubled waters
I will lay me down.
Like a bridge over troubled waters,
I will lay me down.

Sail on silver girl.
Sail on by.
Your time has come to shine!
All your dreams are on their way.
See how they shine!
Oh, if you need a friend,
I'm sailing right behind!
Like a bridge over troubled water,
I will ease your mind.
Like a bridge over troubled water,
I will ease your mind.
     Bridge Over Troubled Water, Simon and Garfunkle

Blessings dear ones.  Meditate.  Radiate... the Golden Light of the Christ
power.  That's all you need to do.... to help this world... your Self...
and to go home.


Stay in the Golden Light of Christ,
All My Relations in Love and Light,
Turtle Woman, Oma.

Copywrite 2004.