Native Related Poetry

This page is dedicated to honoring our native heritage through poetry.


I am .. You are .. We are .. One


I am Native ...
I am Free ...
I am Proud ...

You are Savage ...
You are Bound ...
You are Weak ...

We are One ...
We are Connected ...
We are Loved ...

We were Attacked ...
We joined Together ...
They fell Apart ...

Once I was Shunned ...
Once you thought yourself Powerful ...
Now we are the Same ...

Sweet Butterfly
(daughter of Spiritwalker and Spirit Hawk)
October 2001


Walking Proud

I will not hang my head in shame or fear Nor will I drag my feet.
My words will not timmid and I will not shrug my shoulders to answer.
I will stand tall, with my head held high.
Taking each step in a joyous stride.
My voice will be firm and full of life.
I  allow no one to take my pride, or make me hide it.
For I am Proud... Proud of who I am,  
Proud that the Creator guides me.
Proud of whom my ancestors are,  and they will know I am Proud,
Proud of my Native History
Generations yet to come will also learn to be Proud.
I will walk proud for all to see.
By-  Runs With Wolves
October 2001


I am Native American

Author -- G. Craig Young

I am Native American; because I am Native American!
Not because I carry a Certified Degree of Indian blood;
not because I have a Federal Identification number;
not because I possess a file of tribal papers;
I am Native American; because I am Native American!

My family heritage traces quickly to the Iroquois Nation;
a grandmother from the Onondaga,
a grandfather born of Mohawk, a father adopted by relatives
embarrassed by such parentage
discarding family papers in order to hide the facts.
I am Native American because I am Native American!

Born of a mother of German descent
I carry blue eyes and brown hair,
but my heart is of this world of America
enveloped by the spirit of my Native history.
I am native American; because I am Native American!

So often people are judged by unreal values.
When I wear a certain style of hat I am a cowboy.
Must I wear feathers and beads to be looked upon as Native American?
I accept my physical appearance as it is and do with what I can.
My heart, spirit, and mind are learning to be of my Native American culture.
I am Native American; because I am Native American!

Those who demand written proof ask the wrong questions.
Those who need physical evidence ignore the essence of Native spirit.
Those who search for proper identification seek paper gods.
One needs to understand that a license to drive does not a driver make!    

Author -- G. Craig Young


Author Unknown

This woman has been kind, gentle, and has much love,
All of this has been given with the blessing of the Great Spirit above,
But Great Spirit gave her something else and she didn't know it,
The Great Spirit gave her the blessing of being a warriorwoman as now her light is lit!

This warriorwoman has come fully alive today,
She is no longer anyone's slave or prey,
She is taking back her life today,
And those who know who she truly is, can stay.

No longer will she live the lives of others,
She will give back the blames and responsibilities of others where it belongs,
For she also has the bear and wolf inside her,
Which is now so very powerful and uniquely strong.

The warriorwoman now knows what road she must follow,
For others it will be to hard to swallow,
Her life was taken from her unknowingly many years ago,
And this warriorwoman is taking back her life before the next winds blow.

Oh Sister Moon you give me the strength,
As a warriorwoman to conquer what's on my path,
High above and way beneath,
And the much needed strength to take on the wrath.

This warriorwoman is fully awaken and is taking a stand,
Taking the problems by the horns with my hand,
I will conquer that is all there,
All and who comes as they dare.

Warriorwoman has fully awaken,
And many will see that they have mistaken,
Of robbing her of her life, they as a thief,
Warriorwoman will conquer! And have no grief!

This warriorwoman will protect her people, her children, and those who need her,
If anyone hurts them, look out!
They will hear a GGGGGGRRRRRRRRR,
As they run and shout!

This warriorwoman is taking back her life,
Taking back the respect that was taken from her throughout the years ever so slow,
This warriorwoman is removing pain and hurt from within the heart caused by the knife,
From all those who are both family and foe.

I am claiming what's mine, and my dignity,
From those who live in this society of vanity,
I am claiming back in full my heritage,
And as a warriorwoman I am going to clean up many years of carnage.

For now standing in front of you,
You see this warriorwoman, you see me,
Someone special has taught me to be free,
From this day forward for me no more slavery,
Gentleness, kindness, and love is part of me, and so is my dignity,
This is NOT WEAKNESS, as others believe,
But this strength is within me and you.

I will listen to the spirits and grow,
I will travel in the whispering winds as they blow,
All the work I now do will be for Our People and all nations,
I will protect and guide the future generations.

Now it is time for me to travel on my new path,
As a warriorwoman conquering all wrath,
If you ever see and want to meet me,
Please come, and I will also teach and share with you how to be free.

Author Unknown

Words of the Heart

Author -- Myra Kawodi Harrison Lucas

The moon rises full tonight
and I feel Spirit moving upon me.
It's breath touches me and the Spirit
Lights dance.
It message ..a whisper in my ear
"Children of mine...guardians of the land
the time is upon you.  One hand
Lay aside the words, the weapons and the hate
Your time has come , it's not quite too late
You tribes so many, scattered so wide
Hear now the Hawk and Eagles cry.
It's time to unite , time to be one.
Prophecies of the old have just begun....
If you heed not the call
And  wait until you cry,
Then you have waited too long.
And many more will die,
So put aside your gadgets
And the ways of the Whites,
 Listen to your true heart
To know what is right ,
Unite your tribes, your peoples as one
Prepared for what comes;
A society of your own ,
If you can't believethese words,
As truth or in part...
Then purify and pray...
Then listen to your pure heart.

Author -- Myra Kawodi Harrison Lucas



Author -- Myra Kawodi Harrison Lucas

In the darkness a faint smoke rises unseen,
Look into the mystery of your heart,
You will see the glow of an ember.
It is the heart, the soul of our people.
It is the knowledge of what we were,
What we have become,
And what we are yet to be.

This ember is our Spirit,
It know all, sees all,
And it only recognizes the truth.

It is a Spirit Fire,
It lives within all,
It joins us in the ONE,
It is forever.

Be at peace,
The circle will become whole again.
Unseen hands guide our destiny,
We are being molded.
For when the path is hard,
It makes us strong.

Be as the wind,
And noone can imprison you,
Or turn you, Or stop you.
Be as the wind.

We are the water,
Which always returns to the earth,
Wind, water, fire and earth,
We are all.

We are that which is ancient,
The beginning and the end,
We are the spiral of life,
That of the past,
That of the future.

We are the children of
He Who Created All,
Be at peace,
All is as it was meant to be.

Look to the ember that burns within your heart,
This Spirit Fire that dwells there.

Listen to the voice that speaks there,
For it is the voice of our Grandfather
Who created us.
Listen! Listen! And you will know Peace.

Author -- Myra Kawodi Harrison Lucas

           AS THE WIND BLOWS

Author -- Grandmother MorningStarr
written 1988
The wind is blowing through the trees.
I can hear the whispers of my people
In the distance, I can hear the faint whispers of drums.
The wind is blowing over the mountains.
I can hear the words of our great leaders.
Sequoyah, Junaluska, Chief Joseph, and Sitting Bull
As the sun sets, in the west . I see visions of my people
Trail of Tears.
They are all left in nameless graves.
As the wind blows and the sun sets.
I remember my ancestors.
How they lived  in harmony and made peace
with the white man.
Then they were forced to leave their beloved
lands (mountains)
As the water flows in the stream
I see my reflection.
I thank The Great Spirit, for this world around me.
I thank him for my birth, my happiness, and the
strength, to carry on.
As I look to the sky, I wander what is to come?
Will there be unity of all cultures ?
Will there always be hate for one another.?
As the wind feels crisp against my face.
I listen!
Words of the Grandmothers tell me.
Be at Peace....Love.
I shall always stive to follow ,
their Sacred Words.
Author -- Grandmother MorningStarr
written 1988