A webring is a community of websites of similar interests or at least in some cases, have at a minimum of one webpage of like interests.  This community is connected through what is called a navigational bar (seen below) which uses the url of the page on the website where it is located. This is done on each website so can be interconnected. On some of these bars you will see "by ________". This will have the name or initials of the ringmaster listed. The ringmaster is the person in charge of the webring usually known by their web name. You will see some webrings with "by spiritvisioncrafts" on them. This would indicate that I am the ringmaster of them. Spiritwalker
For a better explaination of webrings and how they work, visit WebRing at http://dir.webring.com/rw.

On my webring profile page you will see the webrings I created. I have adopted many others. To list all of the ones I am in charge of could bore some people so I decided to not list them. You can access my profile here.

Below are the webrings to which we belong (you may have to left click on the word "here" under the webring shown). We also have webrings on other pages in our site. If only one appears then click on the word list and it will take you to a page at WebRings with all the sites. That page is not part of my website so you will have to use your back button to return here.