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Spirit Vision Crafts is a, family run, Native American business with an informational website (Spirit Vision Crafts) and a new business website (Spirit Vision Enterprises) under construction. Robert "Spiritwalker" Murchison is the owner of the business and is Cherokee/Creek. Denise "Spirit Hawk" Murchison is Director of Marketing and is Blackfoot Sioux/Choctaw. Troy-Cook "Fire Keeper" Murchison, son of Spiritwalker and Spirit Hawk, is Production Manager. Nicole "Sweet Butterfly" Murchison, daughter of Spiritwalker and Spirit Hawk, is Accounts Manager. Grannie "Red Cloud Woman" Davis, mother of Spirit Hawk, is Quality Control and Choctaw. At 'SVC', we handcraft breastplates, chokers, necklaces, earrings, dreamcatchers and other assorted items. We also carry herbs, assorted flags, decals, bumper stickers and license plates, along with an assortment of beads.

Our website (Spirit Vision Crafts) provides free information and links, that have been provided by friends and family, related to the Native American People. Information is updated on an ongoing basis. It is managed and built by Spiritwalker and Spirit Hawk.

We recognize websites, through our "Spirit Vision Crafts Award of Excellence",  that further the education of the world in what a true Native American is. This award also is given to websites that show the family side of our people. We also recognize websites through our "Uwohili Adanvdo (Eagle Spirit) Nature Award".  We give this award to websites promoting: enviromental protection, animal rights, wildlife preservation and the education of the world around us of these issues.

Webrings I manage are listed below. You will notice that some of the ones that I have adopted are not Native American related webrings. They show some of my varied interests.  Just click on the name and you'll be taken to that webring's hub page

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